Children Underground

Makers of documentary went to live with parentless children in Bukharest underground.
Movie shows number of lost children struggling through everyday life full of violence, illnes, petty crime
and hopefuly at some point of the day inhaling glue or paint.


The Lost Children 


February 2007
Everyone remembers the shocking pictures of Romanian orphans, tied to their cots in squalid institutions.
Decades on, many children are still being held in old-style institutions.

Produced by ABC Australia
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures 

Romanian Orphan

Any given day in Oradea, Romania: 70+ abandoned babies & toddlers left at the hospital.
Over 9000 babies are abandoned yearly,
Over 150,000 orphans in Romania right now,
Around 50000 of these children are in 940 orphanages,
Leaving over 50% with no place to live,
Many of these orphans have a «disease» called Failure to Thrive…
A disease caused by a lack of love and attention, causing the babies’ bodies to shut down. 


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